The band is based in Los Angeles and is made up of the following musicians from various parts of the country:
  • Jason Pebworth - Lead Vocals - From Dallas by way of Broadway (NYC)
  • Chad Rachild - Guitar - From Philadelphia
  • George Astasio - Guitar - Los Angeles born and raised
  • Johnny Lonely - Bass - From parts unknown


  • Chad and George founded the band in 1999. They originally called themselves Halogen. Recently they were called, Dr. Lady. Of course, they are now known as ORSON.


So how did it all come together? Lead singer Jason Pebworth, upon completing his work as a theater major, found his way to New York and soon landed the role of Rauol in the touring company of "Phantom Of The Opera." He was also the understudy for the lead role of The Phantom. After spending 4 years with the company he felt it was time to pursue something that he always wanted to. That new challenge was to front a rock band and write songs. . Jason was in a Philadelphia Barnes & Noble, while on tour, when he remembered a music publication that he picked up while in LA the last time he was through the area, Music Connection. Everyone in LA is familiar with the rag. It's where local musicians often find each other, sell equipment, etc. Upon checking out the classifieds, he saw an ad placed by George and Chad for a singer. Drawn to the musical influences that they listed in the ad (Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Cheap Trick), he called them and arranged for an audition. Within a week he was in LA trying out for the band. The magic was instant and he was in the band. Of course, he had to finish his contracted role with Phantom, so 6 months later he moved to LA and the band was born. This was the end of a very long audition period for Chad & George. They had auditioned 40 singers before Jason got in touch with them.

The band then found Johnny Fedevich from a friend who "knew a drummer." Johnny F was living in Las Vegas drumming with local bands and doing odd drumming gigs. However, as luck would have it, he was in LA shooting his part in the Cameron Crowe movie "Almost Famous." He played the drummer in the fictional band, Stillwater. The chemistry was immediate once again and he was in the band immediately. Things just clicked as they did with Jason and everything was coming together.

Of course, when things come together for a band there are always things that test a band's resolve. This test was a bittersweet one for Jason and the band. Jason got the call of a lifetime. He was offered the role of Judas in the Broadway production of "Jesus Christ Superstar." So, the band went on a 6-month hiatus and Jason went to Broadway. However, true to his word and his heart, Jason returned to the band as soon as the job ended. He was back in Los Angeles fronting the band and writing great songs. While it wasn�t an ideal situation for the band, they came together after their hiatus with a greater sense of purpose and conviction. They were more determined to be successful than ever and remain that way.

The final piece of the puzzle was bass player, Johnny Lonely. A little over a year ago the band needed to replace their bass player who was not working out. They stumbled upon a band of former members of Agnus Gooch called Co. The guys were drawn to their bass player, Lonely. Johnny has been a member of a few LA bands over the years, El Magnifico and Agnus Gooch among them. Again, Lonely was just what the band was looking for and he got the gig after one audition.

The line up and chemistry was finally set. The band then set out to write and record new songs and recorded a four-song demo. Currently the band is shopping for a record deal and the buzz is beginning to grow.


  • The band has been featured on a few local radio shows on some of LA's biggest stations across all formats.
  • Most recently they were featured on Rick Dees "Weekly Top 40" in a new segment that is devoted to new music. It was unprecedented for the program to air music from an unsigned artist.
  • They have received airplay on KROQ's "Jed The Fish: Catch Of The Day."
  • They were also featured on the KLOS program "Local Licks." They played the entire demo on the air.

  • The band plays most of the best local venues in LA. The Viper Room, The Dragonfly, The Troubadour, The Whiskey, etc. However, the Viper Room has really taken a special interest in the band. You can catch them playing there at least once a month. The band regularly plays shows in the Southern California region. From San Diego to LA.

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